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Enduring Success


Advice and Service is our first priority, before and after acquisition.

Our Service includes installation, planned maintenance, training of your staff as well as a professional advice.

Service direkt vor Ort

Global Service by Plantec-Vertrieb



Optional our Service-Team installs the machine directly where you want it to be. Of course this service includes implementing and briefing of your staff.

Auf Wunsch stellt unser Service-Team die Maschine- / Anlage direkt am Einsatzort auf. Selbstverständlich umfasst dieser Service auch die Inbetriebnahme sowie die Einweisung über Steuerung und Technik.



Planned Maintenance

Our Maintenance plans are customized to your individual machine, with input of the machine manufacturer.  Should there, in spite of everything, be a failure, our service technicians are fast and reliable there to solve the problem.

The maintenance service of Plantec includes oil-change, change of wear-parts as well as complete overhauling of your machine.



Service Contracts

If you want to be sure to prohibit a machine breakdown, conclude a customized service contract.

  • Yearly maintenance
  • Increase the warranty period from 12 to 36 month
  • All wear parts included
  • Adjustment of the machine
  • Cost cutting by defect detection
  • Repair tasks




Our in-house trainers teach your staff in problem solving in a practical and demonstrative way – to improve your competence.




On 1,500 square meters, your can inspect our current machinery. We are there to provider advice.

Please let us know your profile of requirements before you visit, to give us time to arrange options which fit your portfolio.




Specialist Counseling

Our field managers are trained and have long time experience. They provide advice for metal, stainless steel, aluminium and synthetic manufacturers of all dimensions.  They are always up to date and counsel non-committed and sincere.



Acquisition and Trade-In

Of course we trade your used machine in and support all your further steps.

Your benefits:

  • binding and fair assessment of value
  • used machine as commission
  • professional disassembling
  • contemporary transaction and fast payment



Machine Leasing

The investment in a new machine is a major decision, costly and fundamental for the further development of your company.

With machine leasing you can react flexible to redevelopment and innovations. We customize your contract exactly how it has the most benefits for you, e.g. with deferred payment adjusted to sales fluctuations or a machine insurance.

Your benefits:

  • protection of your liquidity
  • tax advantage
  • planning reliability
  • customized contract design
  • provision for sales fluctuations
  • uninterrupted execution



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